Sands Of Time !


By Dr Sri Satya

I was a child very pale
I was told this tale
A great ship full of gold
Sank deep in oceans cold.

Big in heart but small in means
I weaved myself fantasy dreams
Thinking the waves will bring fortune
I spent many days digging sand dunes.

Years went by, never found a dime
I cried so hard asking β€œwhat’s my crime”
Broken promises, flowed downstream
I swore never again, will I chase this dream.

All grown up and on my own
Innocence faded in fog Unknown
Shards of courage and so much more
Ache in me and made my heart so sore

Days were spent in useless wandering lame
Nothing I had, neither money nor fame
Pushing myself into the burning flames
Making me guilty taking all that blame

And then you walked into my life, my love
Flying you came, fluttering with wings of a dove
Turning myself to my unfound strength
I know you are mine, for untimed length

The wrinkle on my brow, they all were dissolved
You were my revolution, you made me evolved
You were my lost treasure, a pearl on seashore
My beaches are so shiny, were never such before

Once again I love to have, this feel of the sand
I close my fist around it, it slipped from my hand
Grainy shiny sand, glittering on my mermaid
I have no regrets now, my dues were fully paid


13 thoughts on “Sands Of Time !

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      • You are welcome Sri Satya 😊 It was every ounce worth reblogging and sharing, I am exalted to see the response. Your poem is indeed a journey summarised into few words, a journey of broken dreams and burnished desires, a journey of rediscovery and love. Loved it to the core, Kudos to you for penning it πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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    • Thank you so much, your words made my day. Such encouragement and appreciation will make me write more and bless me with lots of confidence. Yes to have a true love in our lives is real special and blessed or those individuals. Will try to write more and keep you engaged. Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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